Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SmartTAG and how do I use it?
Tags, which are similar to QR codes, are 2D barcodes measuring approximately 1" x 1". Smart Phones are capable of reading these Tags or QR codes. This directs the Smart Phone to the appropriate memorial website
Where can a SmartTAG be placed?
A Smart Memorial Tag can be attached to headstones, mausoleums, cremation niches, memorial benches, plaques, or any other type of memorial with 3M VHB adhesive tape (included). The options are endless. Any place of honor would be appropriate.
Can you direct multiple SmartTAGS to the same website?
Yes, you may utilize as many SmartTAGS or Memory Cards as you wish, at any time.
What are Memory Cards?
Memory Cards allow family and friends easy access to their loved ones memorial site. These smartcards are the size of a driver’s license and can be carried in a purse or wallet. Memory Cards are meant to be used as a personal and mobile gateway while SmartTAGS serve as gateways from a permanent location, usually the cemetery.
What information can be loaded into a Smart Memorial webpage?
Unlimited pictures, stories, text, video, and audio. This information can be updated at any time by the site administrator.
Who is the site administrator?
The administrator of the site is chosen by the family and acts as the caretaker.
What material is the SmartTAG made of?
Our SmartTAGS are created from the highest quality Italian porcelain ceramic. They are then fired at extremely high temperature to create a durable TAG that will withstand the most severe weather conditions. Since this is the same material that is used to make porcelain photos that have been used in cemeteries for centuries – we have the ability to create actual photos with or without SmartTAGS.
Can I purchase ordinary (Not Smart) Ceramic Photos from SmartMemorials?
We offer both styles. You must become an affiliate to purchase Smart Photos - but ordinary photos are available for purchase by approved businesses.
How do I become an affiliate?
If you are a registered customer, you can purchase the affiliate package on the website. Just sign in to your account and choose Upgrade your membership.