About Us

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SmartMemorials was originally conceived as a way to allow memorialists the ability to physically attach meaningful memories to a gravestone or memorial. Porcelain Photos have been attached to monuments for generations. We took this old technology and merged it with two new technologies:

>  Online Memorial Websites

>  Use of QR (Quick Response) codes to direct Smart Devices to a Memorial Website

We can now provide your choice of either a standard Porcelain Photo or a Smart Photo, which can direct visitors to a Memorial Website. This is an innovative process that allows loved ones the ability to share and preserve their memories.

Porcelain Photo - Standard
Porcelain Photo - SmartPhoto available only to affiliates*

SmartMemorials team members are professional memorialists and have extensive experience in the monument industry. No other porcelain manufacturer in the USA can make this claim – and no other company can do what we do!

We have the expertise to help your organization stand out from the crowd – your clients will definitely tell their friends.