Welcome to SmartMemorials

Fast - Friendly service from professionals in the memorialization industry.
Based in the Heartland of America - we will use our expertise to help your
company with your porcelain photo needs and show you ways to develop
new state-of-the-art markets.


Unique in the Porcelain Photo Industry in that we offer 2 types of portraits*

Using the finest
Italian Porcelain

Standard Memorial Photos* are available to industry retailers.

Porcelain Ceramic

SmartPhotos* direct views to a Memorial Website
For Affiliates ONLY.

As an Affiliate you will be able to offer a whole new level of Memorialization for your clients.

Monument Companies - offer memorials that are much more robust in their ability to convey memories and
genealogical information. It will also open up completely new venues of business limited only by your imagination.

Funeral Homes - create online Memorial Websites and associate SmartTAGS and Memory Cards either at-need or
pre-need. Differentiate your business by offering “SmartObits” and service bulletins.

Cemeteries, Cremation Gardens, Columbariums and Veteran Memorials - will come to life with SmartMemorials.